Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes For Any Occasion (updated 2018)

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best plantar fasciitis shoes

If you experience pain related to some of the most common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, high foot arches, heel spurs and heel pain, obesity or diabetes or were born with flat feet, we can help you find comfortable shoes. You no longer have to live with foot pain that can easily be corrected.

Today, most foot pains have solutions!

Even foot pain such as flat feet, which are mostly inherited from our parents and whose sufferers have been dealing with foot pains since an early age have options to fix the discomfort. Too much exercise can also cause flat feet when the proper foot support is not used.

plantar fasciitis

The reason being is that through daily use and too much exercise our arches become weakened as we age causing flat feet over time. The pain is our feet does not happen immediately, it usually happens slowly and gradually; until one day we wake up and think, “hey- where did this pain come from?” Luckily for many of us sufferers of plantar fasciitis, there are many options that were not readily available just a few short years ago.

Now for the great news – With the appropriate shoes and accessories, the primary symptoms related to plantar fasciitis can be relieved and may be eliminated. With ideally supportive and comfortable shoes as well as the right socks your feet will start to get better immediately. It’s important to understand that foot health is an ongoing part of life, whether you are in boots, dress shoes, sneakers, sandals or clogs – using the comfortable and correct fitting shoes for your feet will help you with the pain related to plantar fasciitis.

We have researched and selected from various types of footwear with the “sole” purpose of finding the best plantar fasciitis shoes for any occasion. This comprehensive plantar fasciitis shoe guide is updated for 2018 and lists only the very best shoes.

1. Vionic Women's Walker Classic Shoes

When looking for the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis, the one constant we keep finding are Vionic shoes. The Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes is no different. Nurses love them because these shoes are made for those that are on their feet all day. If you suffer from ankle, heel and knee pain, these shoes can help eliminate the problem. Vionic has made an incredibly supportive and comfortable shoe that offers great stability. Wear them a few days; then you’ll be asking yourself, why didn’t I get these before!

2. Alegria Women's Classic Clog

If you have high arches and have pain related to plantar fasciitis the Alegria Women’s Classic Clog is for you. A great walking shoe for hard floors that will make you feel as you are walking in the clouds. These clogs have a following around hospitals for a perfectly good reason. These clogs/mules come in a wide variety of styles, and if you have a wide foot, you are definitely in luck as a simple adjustment of the buckle, and you’ll have a shoe made just for you. From our experience, these clogs run true to size and even after a 12-hour shift, your toes will still be all smiles.

3. Brooks Women's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

For nurses that prefer the more traditional athletic sneaker type, the Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes is the way to go. This shoe is full leather and is made to last. The Addiction Walker is another shoe that helps with plantar fasciitis and heel pain. The only aspect that we wish would be improved is its breathability. While this is definitely not a deal breaker for such a great sneaker, for those that have sweaty feet, it can be a problem. On the other hand, when working in cold environments, the full leather shoe provides extra warmth.

4. Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

The full-grain leather Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe provides outstanding heel support and are quite lightweight. Over pronation sufferers will be delighted by what Saucony has done with this walking shoe. Nurses will love that there is basically no break-in period – you can start wearing them the day you get them. The design of this Saucony good but if you have very high arches, some might need additional support. Folks with under-pronation will be glad to have these shoes and will wear them regularly. Saucony has now made these shoes available in wide sizes which is greatly appreciated by those of us that need them.

5. New Balance Women's WW928 Health Walking Lace-Up Sneaker

The New Balance Women’s WW928 Health Walking Lace-Up Sneaker is a Medicare/HCPCS code = A5500 walking shoe. This New Balance shoe has been a nurse favorite for years; it’s comfortable and lightweight. If you have wide toes, you might not need the wide version of this shoes since the design provides ample space for fatter toes. After a week using these shoes, you will feel the pain relief if you are currently experiencing from foot pain. This sneaker is exceptional for those with plantar fasciitis. If you don’t like wearing the same shoe two days in a row, you are going to be in trouble, since you’re not going to walk to take them off.

6. Easy Spirit Women's Eliana Mule

If your closet thinks that you can never have too many good clogs or if you are a nurse that just love clogs, the Easy Spirit Women’s Eliana Mule might become your favorites clogs period. These clogs are are some of the best-priced nurse shoes on the market. They come in a large selection of styles, some casual and more dressy but all super comfortable. These mules work in year-round, definitely all an weather shoe, this mule will keep your toes warm in the winter time and fresh and cool in the summertime. Finally, these clogs come with extremely soft suede uppers and easy to remove insoles which is excellent for people that wash their insoles regularly.

7. New Balance Women's 928v3 Walking Shoe Walking Shoe

The New Balance Women’s 928v3 Walking Shoe is similar to the Brooks Addiction Walker we previously reviewed. The version 2 of these shoes had many complaints since unfathomably; New Balance changed much more than the design. Luckily for us, version 3 corrected the problems, and since many nurses have enjoyed this shoe model over the years, we have added it to our list. This sneaker has room for custom orthotics and has excellent durability plus an excellent fitting cushion. These sneakers do run a bit narrow, so we recommend one wider size up if you need wide size sneakers. The one aspect we found strange was the tongue, to us it seemed a bit short.

Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Work - Women's

1. Alegria Women's Keli Professional Shoe

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe is designed to give great support for sufferers of plantar fasciitis in a stylish and professional shoe. This shoe has excellent arch support, and it’s only about 1 ½ inches high. The insoles are incredibly comfortable, and they’re made of memory foam and latex. The shoe has a great leather design that is comfortable to wear all day long when you are continually moving. If you are tired of replacing your plantar fasciitis work shoes every six months, these are for you. It has a full leather upper area and a long-lasting rubber sole. From our experience, these shoes run about half a size small, so we recommend just add half a size from your regular shoes or sneakers. These come in a wide selection of colors and styles, at last count we counted 50 designs. This shoe will be thoroughly reviewed in the coming weeks as we love its comfort and design so much that we think it deserves a full-featured review.

2. Vionic Women's Agile Kea Slip-on

Vionic Women’s Agile Kea Slip-on is one of the most comfortable walking and work shoes for plantar fasciitis. Vionic has done a great thing bringing their expertise in pain management in a “professional/office ready” slip-on shoe design. The shoes are lightweight with an extremely cushion outsole as well and orthotic insert designed by podiatrists to help alleviate foot pains. The shoes are made to wear, and luckily they are easy to wash since you’re going to be wearing them all the time. Just remember to let the insoles air dry, and you’ll be good to go. Besides plantar fasciitis, shoes help people with flat feet since the arch will not flatten out. From arthritis to tendinitis this shoe definitely helps alleviate the lower back pain that is caused by incorrect posture. This slip-on shoe has also been a hit with pregnant women, and they are incredibly comfortable and breathable. It’s difficult for a lot of people that have been wearing Vionic shoes to go to another brand we understand why, and the comfort level is just marvelous.

3. Alegria Women's Debra Slip-On

Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On is another professional shoe we just love. One of the best things about these Alegria shoes is the vast selection. With over 40 different and original styles once you find the ones that fit you perfectly, Alegria wants to make sure their customers have more than one pair in their closets; and with their magnificent comfort, we understand why. These shoes run just a bit large so get half a size smaller, but don’t worry about your socks since they have ample room for any type of sock that you wear. We love the comfort the shoes provide since the leather top is firm and thick but at the same time soft and comforting. The solid colors give an extremely professional look to the shoes while providing the support and comfort patients with plantar fasciitis require. We’ve seen some issues on some older print designs, but they seem to have been fixed in the latestest designs.

Best Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Thirty 48 Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks​

Add color to your workout with the stretchy, lightweight fabric of the Thirty 48 plantar fasciitis sock made of nylon and spandex designed to reduce swelling and ease foot pain symptoms. Wear this full elastic non-restricting foot compression sock with sneakers or sandals to provide fast and comfortable relief from plantar fasciitis and ankle pain. This foot compression sock also doubles as an arch and heel support tool alleviating discomfort and increase healing, blood flow circulation while you continue with your workout routine. The Thirty 48 plantar fasciitis compression sock does not only help to improve circulation and minimize inflammation this pain relief product can also help to strengthen foot muscles to prevent further injuries. Using moisture weakening fabric technology design this foot support sock will keep you fresh and dry while worn with your regular socks.   Encouraging proper alignment of the foot and ankle will help to relieve chronic pain conditions such as plantar fasciitis and fallen arch pain with this easy to use compression sock.  A pain management tool that will keep you leisurely exercising leaving sore feet and heel pain behind.

CompressionZ Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve

Ease the soreness of heel pain with the CompressionZ Foot Sleeve.  This fully elastic foot brace engineered to keep you walking while resolving your plantar fasciitis pain provides sturdiness and stability to keep you on your feet all day.  While improving your foot’s stability, this arch support brace allows for full range of motion and promoting better blood circulation. The ultra-light fabric of the plantar fasciitis sock brings many critical features to this compression foot sleeve with a long-lasting, anti-itch material keeps your foot and ankle insulated and warm while offering great heel and arch support. A compression foot sleeve is the ideal relief aid for quick recovery after extensive exercising helping improve circulation and reduce swelling. Plantar Fasciitis foot sleeve has been designed to provide comfortable relief for the shooting pain and inflammation of plantar fasciitis, arthritis and other foot related injuries. 

NAK Fitness Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Designed to increase blood flow for a more rapid recovery this Plantar Fasciitis Sock and Arch Support relieves pain associated with the plantar fascia and other foot pain.  Adding the NAK Fitness Plantar Fasciitis Socks to your current pain relief management routine of orthotics, taping or inserts will encourage a more rapid recovery time and help eliminate plantar fasciitis pain, achilles pain and sore feet.  This exceedingly comfortable compression sock will boost circulation lowering lactic acid buildup and is an excellent alternative to bulky night braces and splints. The Fitness Plantar Fasciitis Sock made of comfortable; lightweight fabric is available in a variety of colors making this an effortless wear overnight to start your day pain-free or worn during the day to help increase circulation and promote a more rapid recovery with less soreness. Eliminate foot pain with this fantastic addition to your pain management therapy.

Best Plantar Fasciitis Foot Massager

4-in-1 Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief and Recovery Kit by Foot Sole Jour

This 4-in-1 Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief and Recovery Kit by Foot Sole Jour is designed to target pain symptoms related to plantar fasciitis and heel spur. This kit includes many beneficial tools that will have you maintaining pain-free activities. Whether day or night, a Plantar fasciitis compression sleeve is an outstanding option for targeting compression to the ligaments, plantar facia relieving swelling, heel, arch and tendon pain. This form-fitting elastic sleeve can be worn throughout the day and during activities to help minimize movement and unnecessary ankle pain by applying proper pressure preventing soreness and swelling. Use of the included spiky foot massage ball to release unwanted muscle tension not only on your aching feet this ball is also highly beneficial for releasing pressure on your calves and hamstrings. Enabling you to roll away deep tissue pain with the use of a massage ball will help ease the tightness of knotted muscles radically diminishing your foot pain symptoms.

Ease walking discomfort, aching feet and plantar fasciitis pain with the kit’s silicone gel heel protectors. As an essential component of this Plantar Fasciitis Kit, these gel heel protectors add shock absorbing heel support with every step as your feet hit the ground.  Also included are cushioned arch support wraps to alleviate much of the discomfort due to fallen arches and a defeat with the help of cushioned arch support wraps. These arch support braces will aid in the proper alignment of your feet while you maintain an active pain free lifestyle.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading, Multi-Level Settings

This multi-functioning customizable foot massage by Miko Shiatsu will fit your every pain management need. Slide your feet into comfort as you release the tension and foot pain at the touch of a button with strategically placed massage rollers and gentle vibrations. Pinpoint key pressure points providing deep and energizing massages that cater to the specific area of your foot pain. At the touch of a button ease your arch and heel pain with just the right amount of pressure. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager features an optional heat setting, creating a personalized therapeutic massage to last as long as you need. This easy to use foot massager allows you to configure a multitude of massage settings to increase your blood flow while releasing pain and discomfort from your every step. So after a stressful day at work or a long run sit back and enjoy a therapeutic foot massage to ease your plantar fasciitis heel pain symptoms.

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

Learn to target your plantar fasciitis and heel pain using reflexology and the TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller. Utilizing the reflexology chart is a helpful pain identifier to obtain the best pain management results. Providing sturdy wooden rollers that move to massage away foot pain alleviating chronic foot pain. The wooden spikes and knobs offer comprehensive pain management therapy that reach deep into your aching feet pinpointing the exact location of your discomfort.  This easy to use massager is both durable and lightweight making a foot massage easy to get just about anywhere.  Providing comfort to your aching feet this portable foot massager makes it easy to relax comfortably at home at the end of the day or even at the office in the middle of the day to relieve unnecessary pain and tension in your feet. This useful massage tool is designed to ease soreness and stimulate foot tissue starting from the toes kneading and rolling through your foot arches all the way to your heels.

Dr JK Comprehensive Plantar Fasciitis PedPal Kit

The plantar fasciitis PedPal Kit contains three heel pain relief remedies for both feet. Dr JK Comprehensive Plantar Fasciitis PedPal Kit features a lightweight compression heel support sleeve that fits comfortably under your sock providing pain-free wear all day long. This therapeutic foot sleeve offers ample support to help alleviate heel and arch pains associated with plantar fasciitis. This pain relief kit also brings a comfortable Gel Shock absorbing sleeve that is ideal for relieving plantar fasciitis symptoms providing medical grade quality gel cushioning designed for extended wear to ease heel pain. And lastly, the foot massage ball included in this kit will help you to massage your foot targeting the sharp pain in those hard to reach areas, applying just the right amount of pressure to diminish your arch and heel pain.

Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap by NatraCure

Contrast cold, and heat compression therapy is a great way to target your heel pain. The Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap by NatraCure is a versatile pain relief tool when the gel pack placed in the freezer that can provide long-lasting cold compress. A cold compress is ideal for reducing inflammation. Heat can also be an excellent remedy for chronic pain conditions accompanied by its line of benefits. This double functioning foot wrap can be put in the microwave to provide instant heat therapy relaxing the stiff and painful plantar fascia and heel pain. With the use of only one NatraCure Therapy Wrap to deliver both hot and cold therapies for muscle stiffness and ease plantar fasciitis pain.    Hot or cold the gel therapy pack easily slides into a washable wrap that is comfortably adjusting to almost any feet.  With a hook and loop closure, the Plantar fasciitis wrap stays snuggly in place while applying the desired compression for a multitude of pain relief levels.

4GEAR Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Recovery Kit

Plantar Fasciitis Relief & Recovery Kit by 4GEAR is a comprehensive bundle designed for plantar fasciitis pain relief.  Included in this kit is a pair of compression sleeves that are great for increasing blood flow and circulation. These compression sleeves are ideal to wear following strenuous activities to ease sore feet. The breathable open toe elastic foot sleeves made of moisture weakening nylon and spandex will provide a soft and supportive fit to wear throughout the day with all types of shoes.  These pain relief products include shock-absorbing silicone gel heel protectors that are ideal for reducing the impact on the heel with a soft gel silicone that gently cradles your heel to help prevent stress and add stability.  Correct arch support is key to successful plantar fasciitis pain relief the two types of cushioned arch supports included in this kit will help you comfortably maintain the proper foot alignment and alleviating tendon pain with every step encouraging accelerated healing. The 4GEAR plantar fasciitis relief kit comes equipped with a foot spiky massage ball and instruction guide for massages focusing on the tense and hard to reach areas.  The use of a massage ball is an immensely beneficial technique to reach deep muscles working out any knots and to increase circulation throughout your feet. These pain therapy aides are excellent tools to encourage the rapid recovery of plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles pain and other heel pains.

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