Best Shoes for Heel Spurs and Heel Pain

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Best Shoes for Heel Spurs and Heel Pain

Every day millions of people are walking around with unnecessary heel pain due to heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. In this guide we are going to show you how to find the best shoes for heel spurs at an affordable price. First let’s understand what heel spurs are, that way we can try to avoid having them in the future. Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis are somewhat related. Heel spurs happen when an abnormal growth starts to grow on the heel and since the planter fascia tissue goes from the heel bone to the ball of the foot.

what causes heel spurs

The normal movement of the foot around the heel and plantar fascia over time can cause calcium deposits. Just like the nails in our fingers, these calcium deposits can grow over time and then we experience the pain usually called “heel spurs”. Since that calcium deposits happen very slowly throughout our life until one day we feel a sharp pain as we are walking. Any time a lot of weight is placed on the area around the heel spur we will feel a sharp pain strong enough to stop you in your tracks.

Before we continue talking about heel pain let’s show you some of the 8 best shoes for heel spurs.

Vionic Women's Splendid Midi Perf Slip-On

The Vionic Women’s Splendid Midi Perf Slip-On is one of the most comfortable, casual shoes for heel spurs. Just like many of Vionic’s other models they come in a great selection of colors. It’s not unusual that after you try a pair of Vionic shoes you buy more than one color since they really do help with foot pain. This slip-on shoe has a pretty firm goal remarkably flexible and removable orthotic insert. This shoe has surpassing arch support and is designed to help hug your arches as it helps keep your foot stable throughout the day. As with many other Vionic brand shoes, we recommend a small break-in period – when you first get them, wear them around the house for about 30 minutes for two or three days before you go out. This allows the shoe to mold itself to your feet. The slip on’s have an extremely durable outsole that is easy to clean so your shoe looks new after months and years of use.

Mephisto Women's Laser Walking Shoe

The Mephisto Women’s Laser Walking Shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes in any style. This Oxford style walking shoe looks more like a high-fashion sneaker that can be worn anywhere. Mephisto is well known for making some of the best shoes in the world. While this shoe might seem like any other shoe to the naked eye, the amount of foot technology is easily noticeable from the first step you take in them. As with most Mephisto shoes, they’re not cheap, but they last and are extremely well made in France. The quality of the materials easily explains the price of the shoe. The level of comfort at times seems out of this world – and that is not exaggerating. Mephisto calls their insole system, Soft Air Technology, and it does seem as if you’re walking in the clouds. The Laser Walking Shoe provides exceptional arch support, as can be worn from the one. For vacations, this has to be one of the best shoes that exist in it doesn’t matter if you have plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, this shoe is all about comfort and pain-free happy feet.

Best shoes for heel spurs - men's

Orthofeet Gramercy Men's Dress Shoes

Orthofeet, with the Gramercy Men’s Dress Shoes, has created one of the best shoes for heel spurs with a classic style that can be used anywhere. If you’ve been living with heel pain for just a few days or months and have been looking for a shoe that you can wear in the office and does not seem like an old styled orthopedic shoe, then this is the shoe for you. This dress shoe comes with premium orthotic insoles that are designed with anatomically correct arch support. If you have your own custom insoles, the shoes have a quarter inch thick, extra depth just for them. The sole is lightweight and with a significant cushion to help you walk effortlessly step after step. The interior of the shoe is incredibly soft and seam free with a lot of foam padding. When you’re looking for shoes for heel pain, this extra foam padding is heaven sent, since it reduces nerve pressure points and reduces friction on your skin. This dress shoe also comes with removable spacers, 1/16″ and 1/8″ thick; these adjustable spacers allow you to find the perfect fit for your foot. Lastly, Orthofeet is so sure of their product that they have a comprehensive 12-month warranty against manufacturer defects.

Dr. Comfort Classic Men's Therapeutic Dress Shoe

Dr. Comfort Classic Dress Men Shoe is one of the most stylish therapeutic shoes on the market. Here is a remarkable and well-crafted classic shoe that is comfortable to wear day in and day out and very durable. While distress shoe does not offer a lot of extra padding on the sides, it does allow for removable insoles; in fact, this shoe comes with an excellent gel insert to go along with the standard foam insole. From the first time, you wear you will notice how lightweight and easy to wear these dress shoes are. Crafted from fine leather this shoe is about style and comfort in one attractive package. One tip if you have to wear wide shoes, we have noticed that they do run a bit bigger on the wide sizes, so if you need to order a wide size shoe, order half a size smaller. Dr. Comfort has been making extremely comfortable shoes for people that suffer from plantar fasciitis and heel pain, and with this classic dress shoe, they have created one of the best shoes for heel spurs for men.

Best Shoes for Heel Spurs for 2018

Best sneakers for heel spurs - women's

Orthofeet Tahoe Athletic Sneaker

Orthofeet designed an extremely comfortable sneaker for people with diabetes. This sneaker works wonders for foot pain caused by heel spurs. The heel pad has one of the best orthotic insoles available in any shoe period. It helps alleviate foot pain that can extend to your knees and lower back. The Orthofeet Tahoe Athletic Sneaker includes orthotic insoles that will conform and mold to your feet as you use them, so basically the more you use them the more comfortable they will be. The soles of these shoes are fitted with an air cushioning system that will feel as you were walking on air or in the clouds. The new Ortho-Cushion™ System is designed to relieve stress and add stability to every step that you take so that you are walking pain free from day one. This women’s sneaker is specifically made to allow custom orthotics if you use them. The inside of the shoe has room to spare which is a important aspect if you have invested in custom orthotics. The mesh design is extremely nice and strong, the front of the shoe was well-rounded which is great if you have bigger toes since this will allow your toes to not rub against each other constantly.

Dr. Comfort Women's Victory White Diabetic Athletic Shoes

The Dr. Comfort Women’s Victory White Diabetic Athletic Shoes is another shoe design for folds with diabetes that also works great for heel spurs. They are available in regular sizes four through 12 in each size is available in six custom widths, from very narrow to extra-wide. Each pair of sneakers comes with Gel Plus insoles to provide additional comfort. The sneakers, while seeming very ordinary provide an exceptional amount of support for heel spurs. While not everybody has worn gel insoles in the past we recommend that you give these a shot. The shoes are designed for walking and they do an extraordinary job at that. The outer part of the shoe is tough leather and breathable mesh.

Best sandals for heel spurs - women's & men's

Vionic Kiwi Unisex Orthotic Slide Sandal

The Vionic Kiwi is a unisex sandal that is so comfortable that we are including it in the women’s and men’s section of our heel spurs shoe guide. They are comfortable, supportive, and stylish. While this sandal, just like the Ford Model T only comes in one color – black, the comfort it provides is unheard of for people that are used to wearing regular flat sandals. Just like the rest of Vionic’s product line these sandals are podiatrists designed to help support your foot at the same time as alleviating foot pains. The footbed is deep and helps keep your foot in its natural position. These sandals come with a built-in orthotic which provides the extraordinary comfort level. If you are a person with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs look no further than the Vionic Kiwi. The sandals are so comfortable that you want to pair just for inside the house, we’ve tested a lot of house slippers and these might be the most comfortable we’ve ever tried. Since many people associate sandals with “thong sandals” they might be put off since they can be uncomfortable around the big toe area but since these are “slide sandals” with strong Velcro straps that can adjusted so they fit as they were made especially for you. One of the things that stand out about the Vionic Kiwi sandals is its arch support, use these sandals regularly and heel spurs as well as hip pains will disappear. The overall quality of the sandals is extraordinary, when other sandals normally last six months, Vionic has made shoes that last years.



  • Very comfortable
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Adjustable strap

Telic Unisex Arch Support Recovery Flipflop Sandal

If you’re looking for the best sandal for heel pain on a budget then look no further than the Telic Unisex Arch Support Recovery Flipflop Sandal. This sandal has a synthetic sole and is made in the USA. This sandal was originally designed to also serve as a recovery shoe after sports or exercise. One of the things we recommend the regarding the Telic Unisex sandal is to get one size bigger than your normal shoe size. If you have high arches half a size up is recommended by the manufacturer. The sandals don’t only work for heel spurs but also help with plantar fasciitis related pains. The sandals are made of a synthetic material that adds a great bounce to your step. While these can be considered plantar fasciitis heel spurs sandals in relation to other sandal designed to treat foot pains, don’t let the low price fool you; these are extremely well made, high quality sandals.


  • Comfort
  • Arch support
  • Waterproof
  • Textured footbed
  • Affordable
  • Made in the USA

As with every product research guide we write, we hope to help you find the right shoe to help you ease your foot pains. We will continue to update this guide with new shoes, sneakers, and sandals as we research and review with only the best shoes for heel spurs. If this guide is helpful to you, we encourage you to please leave us a comment or note in the comments section below.

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