Foot Pain Causes and Remedies

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Our feet allow us to keep moving day in and day out. We tend not to give our feet too much thought until they begin to hurt. Sometimes our feet develop aches and pains from little things that we unconsciously do like walking barefoot or wearing the wrong shoes. With just a few tricks your foot pain could improve or even be avoided entirely? Learning what causes foot pain and natural remedies to ease pain can keep you going the miles.

What causes foot pain?

Sitting around is not healthy for your feet or your entire body. Maintaining an active lifestyle regardless of your physical limitations is excellent for keeping feet healthy; even walking is beneficial and is the ideal exercise for healthy feet.

Ensure that you are wearing well-fitting footwear for activities and while at home is essential. Determine that you have just the right amount of space between the tip of your big toe and the front of your shoe. This small but critical detail can save you from achy feet or even black toenails.

Wearing athletic shoes for sports other than the activity for which they were intended. There is no one sneaker suited for all activities or sports. Running shoes and Tennis shoes specially made for the type of impact and movements each sport entails.

Sometimes the most insignificant actions can cause us severe foot pain.

Evaluating the condition of the athletic shoes is essential, just because the top of your shoe is in excellent condition doesn’t mean that the soles or the interior cushioning that protects your feet have not worn out. Shoes in poor condition can be a major culprit of foot pain.

Using ice or cold compress to treat injuries prevent pain and swelling. Cold treatment provides a numbing effect which aids in pain relief. Typically the use of heat therapy to treat a foot or ankle injuries is not recommended. Heat increases blood flow which causes increased swelling.

Things to consider when your feet hurt

Consider the shoes you are wearing. Fashionable dress shoes or boots can sometimes wreak havoc on our feet. Luckily there are other options to help prevent and alleviate foot injuries, such as “walking pumps” are dress shoes have an athletic shoe-feel, roomier toe area, reinforced heels and are available in many trendy styles.

Wearing heeled shoes that exceed two inches for an extended period can prompt foot pain in the ball of the foot, this pain is also known as metatarsalgia. So finding chic flats with the proper support to wear whenever possible might be a good idea.

Foot pain relief is possible

Most foot pain can be fixed with the right tools, information and desire!​

Going barefoot is not necessarily a good idea. Walking with Bare feet is said to be compared to walking in shoes with no padding or arch support. Leaving higher likelihood of developing plantar fasciitis, foot or ankle injury and increases the potential for the amount of shock applied to ankle and knee joints, along with pressure on tendons. Not to mention the effects of walking barefoot has to the skin on your feet. The skin on the bottoms of your feet is likely to become thicker and rougher than in other areas of your body. So pedicures and sandal wearing might not be as pretty.

As with any pain or injury, Ignoring foot pain can lead to more serious issues if not addressed. Chronic foot pain is not healthy and should always be addressed.

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