Teaching with plantar fasciitis? The Alegria Belle shoe to the rescue!

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Teaching in a classroom for ten years, being on my feet all day makes not only for an exhausting day but an achy back, legs, and feet. I spent the entire summer going to physical therapy to ease my back and plantar fasciitis pain caused by wearing the wrong shoes all school year. I also spent a good portion of my summer researching to find a shoe that would be able to help prevent the pain that I worked so hard all summer to alleviate. That’s when I came across Alegria shoes. What can easily be considered one of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis for teachers of any age.

- Teachers with Plantar Fasciitis -

The Alegria Belle shoe to the rescue.

This shoe line has something for everyone, from slip-on shoes, wedges, sandals and my personal favorite the mary janes, Alegria shoes have many different styles for both men and women. The Alegria shoe brand also comes in a variety of leather patterns for fun shoes or solid classic colors for a more professional and conservative look.

I started the school year with a new pair of Belle shoes they are by far my new favorite shoe yet. These shoes keep me comfortable and on my feet moving around my classroom with ease all day. My Belle shoes allow me to keep up with my 1st graders the entire day. With the multiple layers of a specially designed cork and cushioned memory foam footbed, plenty of arch support and flexible soles these shoes make me feel like I am walking on clouds. I have skinny feet, so the dual velcro closures allow me to adjust the shoes creating just the right fit. I also love the feature Alegria calls rocker outersole that allows for more flexible sole which is much more comfortable to walk in rather than the typical hard and stiff shoe.

I think one of my favorite characteristics of the Alegria Belle is that its not a heavy or clunky shoe. These aren’t your every day mary jane- style shoe, they feature lively, colorful designs that keep my little students thinking that I am pretty cool. I think the kids get to wear fun looking sneakers so why shouldn’t I get to wear fun shoes too? Did I mention these shoes match pretty much anything in my closet? I can pair these shoes with dresses or pants so I can wear them all throughout the school year.


Why are you teaching with plantar fasciitis pain?

I always thought of the Alegria brand of shoes for comfort and being on your feet all day and mostly worn by medical professionals. But boy was I wrong; these are suddenly my goto shoes. I now know these shoes are perfect for anyone in any profession which is on their feet for any length of time. I have had my share of plantar fasciitis and back pain, but my Alegria Belle shoes have made these pains almost nonexistent. I am just glad that now I have a go-to brand of shoes with diverse styles that will help with my back and plantar fasciitis pain so that I don’t need to spend another summer relieving the months worth of foot and back pains.

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