Why Good Hiking Boots Matter

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If you like trail hiking and the outdoors, there is no piece of hiking more critical than a good pair of hiking boots. You might probably ask yourself what the difference between hiking boots and a good pair of sneakers is? Or are expensive hiking boots really worth it? There’s an old saying that says that you shouldn’t skimp out on anything that stands between you and the floor such as car tires, shoes, and boots.

A properly fitting pair of waterproof hiking boots can make all the difference in the world when you are out on the trail. A lot of hiking gear we can do without but can you just imagine trying to get through rocky or wet terrain with an uncomfortable pair of boots. Remember a lot of hikes were carrying a lot of gear, and not all sneakers are built to hold all that additional weight while at the same time giving is proper foot support.

Without the proper foot support, your muscles will get tired much more quickly and depending on the type of hiking you do, not having proper traction can be dangerous even to the most experienced hiker. Regular sneakers really aren’t designed for trail hiking. Hiking shoes are made for stability, a lot of traction, and countless hours of abuse in harsh terrain; not a nice basketball court or tennis court.

How to break in new boots and why the breaking in matters:

New hiking boots should never be used for a long trail hike. After buying a good pair of hiking boots, it’s good to wear them around the house with the same socks you be using when hiking. Using them a little bit at a time helps mold them to your foot. This way you don’t get calluses or other for paints. After you’ve walked with him around the house for a few days, it’s good to go around your neighborhood a little bit longer each day. This small but crucial break-in period will help you hike much longer since they will be extremely comfortable out on the trail.

Tips for getting the best hiking boots for you:

Good hiking boots need to go above your ankles. This way your foot is properly supported in your ankle is best protected.
In high-quality hiking boots, you’re going to find a gusseted tongue. Many new hiking enthusiasts will not be familiar or understand why a gusseted tongue is so important but as soon as they’re on the trail, they’re going to realize how vital the boot’s tongue design is. The gusseted tongue is just when the tongue of the shoe or boot is attached, by being all one piece with the body of the boot it doesn’t allow for rocks, debris, and water from entering. On sneakers, the tongue is not attached to the sides of the shoe while hiking boots with gusseted tongues do not have the separation.
High-quality materials such as Gore-Tex are excellent because they are designed for harsh environments. They have excellent thermal properties and are incredibly resilient.

Why Good Hiking Boots Matter – In Conclusion

We also need to know the type of hiking that we will be doing, since not all hiking boots are designed for the same kind of trails and environments. Examples, if breathability is essential to make sure your socks and boots have proper air movement. Otherwise, you won’t need water from the outside to make you feel as if you’re walking in a puddle of water.
It’s always important to know the materials of our boots and just because the boot is expensive doesn’t mean is the proper hiking boot for us.

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